About Us

For nearly two decades, Circa Who Furniture has excelled at its core mission: preserving the finest vintage furniture ever crafted.

Our unique style blends the glamour of Hollywood Regency with the laid-back allure of island tropics. Picture a tasteful fusion of bamboo and rattan, along with esteemed brands like Mcguire and Ficks Reed. Discover a Donghia masterpiece nestled beside an elephant garden stool, and let’s not forget the exciting inclusion of over 170 mesmerizing art pieces by Mario López Torres.

All of this is showcased within our expansive 5,000 square foot showroom, which has remained in the same location for two decades. Our aspiration is for our showroom to be a must-visit destination, even though we now cater to customers beyond state and country borders, with 50% of our sales being delivered worldwide.

The recent addition of our Miami location adds a delightful finishing touch to our journey.

Unlike many in this industry, our passion lies not in the hunt for treasures, as we already know we source the finest furniture. Our true love lies in the art of preservation.

There’s immense satisfaction in restoring a vintage furniture piece that carries its own story and granting it another 50 years of life.

Some may call it recycling, others may call it upcycling. We prefer to call it SAVING.

We take great pride in curating the absolute best. The type of furniture that, upon entering a room, becomes the centerpiece. The Circa Who furniture piece that you cherish for a lifetime.

And the best part? Our customers are undeniably the coolest. EVER.