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Mario Lopez Torres’s Legacy Is Still Being Woven in Michoacán, Mexico
From grass harvesting to detail finishing, every step of the process happens locally. As the proprietors of popular Palm Beach vintage store Circa Who, which has been supplying locals with restored furnishings for over 18 years, Scott Mast and Juan Goiricelaya know how to spot a winning design. One of the shop’s mainstays, a collection of whimsical woven pieces often crafted to resemble animals (think: a monkey holding a pendant .
These Woven Pieces Prove Why Wicker Never Goes Out of Style
BY CARISHA SWANSON AND CHRISTINA JORDAN JUN 13, 2022 You can find the whole article here: We all want to step into the summer season with something fresh and new, and this material is making a grand comeback. Wicker, or rattan, is not just a material strictly delegated for vacation living. In a recent shift, brands have made wicker more accessible. You can now find chairs, stools, pendant lighting, .