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Circa WHO: Danny Ho Fong
Danny Ho Fong was a Chinese American Furniture Manufacturer. He was born in Canton and professionally active in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Fong settled in California in the 1930s and subsequently founded TropiCal which became a leading producer of Rattan furniture. During the 1960s Fong was considered one of the best contemporary designers of Rattan furniture. Today most of the furniture is made in factories in the Philippines .
Chinoiserie being a HUGE influence on Florida Vintage, follows one of our favorite motifs, Pagodas. Chinoiserie stemming from European aristocrats, focused on traditional asian motifs, such as foo dogs, elephants, koi fish, pagodas, and all things bamboo.   The Pagoda stems from the Indian Stupas, which was a dome structure used as burial for religious objects, which was relevant to the spread of Buddhism. The Pagoda consisting of five .
CIRCA WHO: Broyhill Furniture
Broyhill, the iconic, American designed and manufactured furniture legacy known for its mid century modern Brasilia, sculptura, and magna collections and our personal favorite here at Circa who, the faux bamboo collection they briefly produced. Hailing from the furniture capital of the US, North Carolina, the Broyhill family began by making chairs in the early 1920s. The company started by Broyhill buying some chair frames he would upholster in .
CIRCA WHAT: The Peacock Chair
Origin of The Peacock Chair As early as the 1600s, European colonists began bringing back beautifully woven products and furniture made of rattan from locations in Southeast Asia. Although the origins of the Peacock Chair have been widely debated, most accounts trace the throne-like chair to Asia, It is likely to have originated in the Philippines, which is why it is often referred to as the Manila or Philippine .