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Mario Lopez Torres’s Legacy Is Still Being Woven in Michoacán, Mexico
From grass harvesting to detail finishing, every step of the process happens locally. As the proprietors of popular Palm Beach vintage store Circa Who, which has been supplying locals with restored furnishings for over 18 years, Scott Mast and Juan Goiricelaya know how to spot a winning design. One of the shop’s mainstays, a collection of whimsical woven pieces often crafted to resemble animals (think: a monkey holding a pendant .
These Woven Pieces Prove Why Wicker Never Goes Out of Style
BY CARISHA SWANSON AND CHRISTINA JORDAN JUN 13, 2022 You can find the whole article here: We all want to step into the summer season with something fresh and new, and this material is making a grand comeback. Wicker, or rattan, is not just a material strictly delegated for vacation living. In a recent shift, brands have made wicker more accessible. You can now find chairs, stools, pendant lighting, .
CIRCA WHO & WHAT: Brown Jordan and the Calcutta Collection
The Brown Jordan Calcutta collection is one of our favorite vintage finds we come across at Circa Who! This collection features aspects of the chinese chippendale style faux bamboo and fretwork throughout, the pieces have a woven accented seat as well as an X shaped foot bar with the faux bamboo style throughout. This collection was originally designed by Hall Bradley in 1967, crafted of powdercoated aluminum making the .
CIRCA WHAT: Rattan Cane and Caning
Introduced in Europe in the 17th century, caning was a popular method for chair seating. Rattan—a plant native to Southeast Asia—was harvested, cut, and woven to create strong seats and chair backs.   The techniques and materials have not changed much in all the years and only a few common tools are necessary to repair chair seats, making chair caning a craft that nearly anyone can master with just a .
CIRCA WHAT: Haitian art
A massive part of Haitian culture is art, in the style of paintings and metal sculpture, this tradition reflects African roots with strong influences of religious aesthetics. This art is a huge representation of Haitian culture and history. Haiti is home to many beautiful beaches and more mountains than anywhere else in the carribean. The common popular style of painting features very vivid colors, spatial composition, and extremely detailed .
CIRCA WHAT: The Chippendale Chair
The Chippendale chair has been around since 1750-1780. Today, we see Chippendale style furniture and specifically Chippendale dining chairs in just about any Florida home! As we introduce our version of the Chippendale chair, heres a bit of history on one of the most iconic styles in vintage furniture! Thomas Chippendale, of Chippendale Furniture is regarded as one of the most influential English furniture designers, being so popular that .
Circa WHO: Danny Ho Fong
Danny Ho Fong was a Chinese American Furniture Manufacturer. He was born in Canton and professionally active in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Fong settled in California in the 1930s and subsequently founded TropiCal which became a leading producer of Rattan furniture. During the 1960s Fong was considered one of the best contemporary designers of Rattan furniture. Today most of the furniture is made in factories in the Philippines .
Chinoiserie being a HUGE influence on Florida Vintage, follows one of our favorite motifs, Pagodas. Chinoiserie stemming from European aristocrats, focused on traditional asian motifs, such as foo dogs, elephants, koi fish, pagodas, and all things bamboo.   The Pagoda stems from the Indian Stupas, which was a dome structure used as burial for religious objects, which was relevant to the spread of Buddhism. The Pagoda consisting of five .