Oct 13, 2020 | Designs and Designers

Fu Dogs Who?

Fu Dogs are staples in home decor known for their highly stylistic features and ability to blend into any environment. They have a rich history which spans back thousands of years to the Han Dynasty.

Fu/Foo Dogs or correctly known as Fu Lions, meant to be positioned in pairs, are highly auspicious symbols believed to protect the building from harmful spiritual influences.  Proper placement of the pair is vital to maintain proper feng shui, if placement rules aren’t followed correctly, the house can become vulnerable to bad luck, dishonor or evil spirits. The female is shown with her paw protecting her cub, protecting the people in the home. The male male fu dog is depicted with his paw on top of a ball representing a globe. It symbolizes the male fu dog’s control as well as protecting the structure itself. The female should be on the left side of the entrance, male on the right, both facing outside the building to keep the bad energy or “chi” out.

Due to their symbolism, fu dogs are mainly situated in places where they are sure to be noticed. You can incorporate fu dogs into your home decor by placing a pair on a console as lamps or bookends, or make them a focal point of the living room or entryway!


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