CIRCA WHAT: The Chippendale Chair

May 30, 2022 | Designs and Designers

The Chippendale chair has been around since 1750-1780. Today, we see Chippendale style furniture and specifically Chippendale dining chairs in just about any Florida home! As we introduce our version of the Chippendale chair, heres a bit of history on one of the most iconic styles in vintage furniture!

Thomas Chippendale, of Chippendale Furniture is regarded as one of the most influential English furniture designers, being so popular that the style that is now eminated in furniture design today is referred to as “Chippendale” rather than the name of a monarch from the period. Many different cultures formed their own version of the Chippendale chair. Our favorite, is the Chinoiserie influenced version.

Chippendales’s inspiration from Rococo styles of the era, mixed with his desire to play on  informality and bring in Chinoiserie themes made the chairs a very diverse and popular style. Combining S shaped curves, heavy chinese influence, gothic influenced arches, can make identifying a Chippendale very easy. As the chinoiserie versions of the chair appeared, faux bamboo and fretwork accents were adopted.


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