Aug 10, 2021 | Designs and Designers

The Chippendale design is prevalent throughout Circa Who Furnitue and the design elements incorporated into our mid century tropical style. It is one of the most sought after styles we sell.
Chippendale furniture was created by Thomas Chippendale, a cabinet maker from London.

Thomas Chippendale had a vision to combine multiple design cultures to create the much-desired Chippendale style.

The style grew strong from 1750-1780 in England and American colonies.

Chippendale style furniture was generally made of mahogany but can also be made of walnut, cherry, or maple.

Chippendale furniture came to life from the perfect blend of gothic, rococo, and Chinese design influence. Gothic style was incorporated through elements such as pointed arches, s-shaped curves, and wooded lattice. Broad chair seats with interlacing ribbon backs were influenced by rococo design. Although elaborate, Chippendale design is considered conservative in comparison to other English design of it’s era.

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