CIRCA WHO: Broyhill Furniture

May 2, 2022 | Designs and Designers

Broyhill, the iconic, American designed and manufactured furniture legacy known for its mid century modern Brasilia, sculptura, and magna collections and our personal favorite here at Circa who, the faux bamboo collection they briefly produced.

Hailing from the furniture capital of the US, North Carolina, the Broyhill family began by making chairs in the early 1920s. The company started by Broyhill buying some chair frames he would upholster in his basement or outside in the summer under a sycamore tree.

By 1927 they expanded and it involved more members of the Broyhill family, selling 150,000 their first year. The company survived the great depression and world war II, continually adapting to changes in the economy and expanding to what the customers needed at the time. The recipe for success being low manufacturing costs as well as great quality at a medium cost price, kept Broyhill furniture on the top.

The company ranged from midcentury modern, hollywood regency,  and even to recliners in the early 90s when Big Lots purchased the company.

People today find a great pleasure in restoring Broyhill pieces due to their rich history of being one of the best American furniture manufacturers.



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