8 Tips for Buying Vintage Furniture

Apr 8, 2019 | Latest News

Buying furniture is always something that can be difficult because you want the piece to look fabulous in your home. Buying vintage furniture is such a great way to find durable, long lasting furniture for less. You just need to know a few things before you jump in and start buying!

1.Find the right place to shop. Knowing where to buy vintage furniture is key! Visit different vintage furniture stores that are local to you and find which one has the best style and price for you. There are so many stores out there but with all different styles. Find the couple stores that best fits you and visit them a few times to see what they get in so often and a feel of their prices.

2. Figure out what you are looking for & the specific price rang. When you have figured out what piece of furniture or decor you are looking for it is best to have an idea what you want to spend. That way when you go to the furniture shop you can look around and compare the price you have in mind and what is in stores. Sometimes the price you have in mind is pretty spot on but sometimes for example, if you find a dresser you really love and its over your price range you may have to consider if its been newly painted and/or if its worth it for you.

3. Don’t be Afraid of Imperfections. Vintage furniture is gently used furniture. Of course it is important to see if there is any wear or tear but many times it can be fixed. Don’t let minor scratches worry you, a professional can always refinish the piece before you bring it home.

4. Use the Imperfections to Bargain. Examine a item before you buy it. If you see an item that you want to purchase and is has a few more scratches and scuffs, use that to your advantage. Be sure the imperfections can be fixed before you are ready to pay.

5. Make Sure It Fits! A lot of vintage furniture stores have a no return policy so make sure it fits. If you looking for a mirror to hang up in your living room, be sure to measure the wall and the ceiling height. That way you are more than sure of the dimension you need. If you are not 100% sure if the piece will fit you can ask if you can put a hold on the item you are wishing to purchase and most of the time they will give you a 24 hour hold.

6. Refinish & Re-purpose for Your Style. Find out if the piece you are looking at can be redone. For example, if your looking at a set of dining chairs and you absolutely love them but wish the color was different ask if they can be repainted and/or reupholstered. Most of the time they can be and the store can recommend someone to you if needed. This way you get the design you want.

7. Keep an Eye Out for Pieces Sold Separate. The best thing about vintage furniture stores is you can always find pieces that are sold as a single. You may think why would I want to buy only one? When you find a few different things and put them together it often looks way better than items sold together.

8. Buy What You Love. It is always best to buy what you love and not something that you think someone else will.


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