Behind The Scenes At Circa Who

Behind the scenes at Circa Who.
Here at Circa Who there are so many things that go on every day. Two of our owners Mila and Juan are always out buying, our sales manager Emily is talking to clients who walk in the store and through inquires on our website and selling to them as well. Our repair man Red is in the back fixing and repairing items that were just bought and last we have our marketing manger Candace who monitors our social media, website and is our photographer. Not one day is the same around here. There are always new projects going on and new exciting things happening.

Mila: What do you like most about the store?: I love to create things & mix colors and items. Mixing Lucite coffee table with rattan chairs. To make a visual come alive! Favorite piece of furniture?: I love pagoda lamps & the Mario Lopez Torres monkey floor lamp. Tip for buying vintage furniture: If you love something buy it, because you may never see it again! In this business I have lots so many opportunities to buy items that I fell in love with but didn’t buy it and then when I went back to get it they weren’t there.

Emily: What do you like most about the store?  I love furniture. I just love it. It’s who I am.

Red: What do you like most about the store?: Favorite piece of furniture?: Albini style furniture. The look to it is so simple and beautiful. Tip for buying vintage furniture: .


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