Color me LILLY

Apr 9, 2013 | Latest News

Lilly Pulitzer is synonymous
with PALM BEACH style.

In 1952, Lilly and Peter Pulitzer eloped and settled year-round in Palm Beach.
To keep busy, Lilly sold oranges and grapefruits from her husband’s groves in central Florida
to her Palm Beach neighbors and opened a juice stand on Via Mizner in 1959.
She quickly grew tired of the juice stains on her clothes,
so she bought colorful fabric from the Woolworth’s five-and-dime
and asked her family seamstress to make her comfortable dresses that would hide juice stains.
Her customers LOVED her dresses and bought her spares.
Lilly had more made and sold them at her juice stand.
Soon she was selling more dresses than juice.
What was born out of necessity as a juice camouflage,
The Lilly shift dress, quickly became a Palm Beach must have.


Lilly Pulitzer CIRCA 1963 via Life Magazine

Lilly opened her first dress shop on Worth Avenue in 1961.
Initially, her dresses were only seen in Palm Beach.
When Lilly’s childhood friend First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy
was photographed wearing a Lilly dress,
women everywhere wanted that Palm Beach look.
It all started with a juice stand and was the beginning of a lasting legacy.

Lilly Pulitzer exemplifies all that is Palm Beach- timeless,
bold, colorful, a little eccentric and whimsical, and ALWAYS fabulous!
Lilly Pulitzer was inspired by the colors of Palm Beach and in return,
Lilly inspired us all to live a colorful life!

THANKS, Lilly for inspiring
me to LOVE
the colors of CIRCA WHO.

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