What is it like to be a furniture photographer?

Feb 11, 2019 | Latest News

Furniture is something people often invest in to make their space feel at home and stylish. Everyone has their own style and taste with furniture so it does take time to choose the right piece. Furniture shopping use to be an entire process. It would be where you go into the store several times to look at pieces and bring along friends and family to help you choose. In today’s day in time, everything is done online including shopping for furniture. Which is crazy because everyone wants to touch everything to see how it feels or to see the true color of the items. So having to convince someone that a piece of furniture is worth buying online can become quite difficult or as for me, stressful! The photographer must take a photo at the perfect angle and with such detail to appeal to the eye of the client. It can definitely have its challenges to say the least. Taking everyday photos of people and scenery is easy and honestly, anyone can do it really. All you need a camera and your set for a photo shoot.

However, furniture photography is easier said than done! When taking a picture of a tall chest where the clients are going to scroll online, see every corner and detail certainly has its challenges. Taking these types of photos takes time to learn the angles and is something that you are always learning daily with new pieces of furniture coming in everyday. The most difficult things to shoot in my opinion is when the piece is wide. Why?, Because now I need to figure out how to make it fit in the small space used and to make it where you can see the pretty details on the sides and the true color.

The one tip I would give is to have lots of space with lighting!

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