These Woven Pieces Prove Why Wicker Never Goes Out of Style

Jun 14, 2022 | Press and Magazines


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We all want to step into the summer season with something fresh and new, and this material is making a grand comeback. Wicker, or rattan, is not just a material strictly delegated for vacation living. In a recent shift, brands have made wicker more accessible. You can now find chairs, stools, pendant lighting, and even fun table accents, all in wicker material. The addition of the airy and organic design makes it easier than ever to transform your space inside and out.

Subtle additions of wicker into a room provide a more easy-going and earthy feel that is perfect for the summer months. Bring that energy into your home with a few items we’ve found that can fit seamlessly into any space!

Rattan Palm Frond Chair by Circa Who Originals Collection

Circa Who
This statement chair by Circa Who is full of personality and actually comfortable.

Pair of Toucan Table Lamps by Mario Lopez Torres

Mario Lopez Torres
Sold both as a pair or individually, these Toucan Table lamps by Mario Lopez Torres incorporate brass accents and a whimsical design.

What is wicker

While many mistake wicker for fabric, it is a weaving process for rattan furniture (a fast-growing palm pant found in tropical forests). This technique was found in the furniture making found in ancient Egypt tombs. Wicker can also be used with bamboo, reed, and willow.

Today, wicker continues to prove its timeless nature, making its way into indoor and outdoor furniture. Accessorizing your home with wicker finds will add a light and refreshing look to your space. Synthetic wicker options will fair better outdoors, while organic rattan wicker will perform well indoors. This will prevent mold or sun damage from impacting the quality of the wicker.

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