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Oct 26, 2010 | Designs and Designers

    Karl Springer

Karl Springer (1930-1991) was a German born, French educated, New York City based designer and manufacturer of luxury furniture and accessories.  He established his first workshop in the early 1960s and began concentrating on furniture design in 1965.  He is known for his lavish interpretations of Art Deco lines and the use of exotic skins and materials.  His signature styles range from French Art Deco to Asian and African motifs.  Karl Springer designs were executed in wood, metal, lacquer and lucite. Many of his pieces were covered in leather, lacquered parchment, shagreen, horn, or reptile skins. Springer is credited with reviving the use of shagreen, the rough skin of an Asian shark, which was a popular fabric of the 1920s.

Karl Springer is synonymous with quality.  He demanded attention to detail and uncompromised craftsmanship.  The juxtaposition of pure forms and exotic finishes make his work instantly recognizable.  His unique blending of sophistication and crudeness made his work one of the most imitated during the 1970s and 1980s.

CIRCA WHO has SOLD Karl Springer and Karl Springer inspired pieces that were impressive enough to cause the experts to wonder, “Is that Springer?”.



CIRCA WHO Item #2525

Springer Inspired Faux Goat Skin Lacquered Credenza


CIRCA WHO Item #2421

Springer Inspired Octagonal Mirror


 Whether it is a bone covered piece by Karl Springer or a bone covered piece inspired by Karl Springer from Colombia, it is sure to be FAB.


How do you CIRCA WHO?



Alligator-Leather Cocktail Table via The Detroit News


Tusk Console via FD Luxe 


Game Table via Elle Decor



Side Table via Elle Decor


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