WHO is Lee Reynolds?

Nov 1, 2010 | Designs and Designers

Lee Reynolds

Lee Reynolds is another FAB example of the 60s trend of art for the masses.  Artist Lee Reynolds Burr founded Vanguard Studios in 1964.  Like C. Jeré and Artisan House, Vanguard Studios employed numerous artists to duplicate original paintings.  Backgrounds were often done in acrylics and then line-work was silkscreened from the master copy.  (This silkscreening technique was also used by Andy Warhol’s The Factory.)  Details were then added to the screened lines to create a raised effect.  The finished product was then sprayed with an oil sealer, thus creating an original oil painting.  Paintings were signed Lee ReynoldsVanguard Studios also used other signatures including Reynolds, Stuart and Van Gaard.

Lee Reynolds Burr

Vanguard Studios produced more painted canvases bearing one signature, Lee Reynolds, than any artist in history, but none of the artworks for sale were actually painted by Lee Reynolds Burr.  Burr may have used the signature Lee Reynolds on his early works.  After the founding of Vanguard Studios, his works were signed Lee Burr, and later Lee Reynolds Burr.



CIRCA WHO Item #2059

Lee Reynolds Dandelions painting


CIRCA WHO Item #2836 

Lee Reynolds Water Lily painting


CIRCA WHO Item #2378

Lee Reynolds Palm Tree painting


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