Why Buy Vintage Furniture?

Mar 27, 2019 | Latest News

Buying vintage furniture & decor adds creativity & uniqueness to your home. You have the change to be unique & shoe off your fabulous finds you got for a bargain! When looking for vintage furniture it is a lot different than going to a thrift store or a garage sale. Now there are sometimes you can get lucky at thrift stores or even estate sales. You just need to be on the hunt! For the most part you want to look for vintage stores & event antique stores depending on your style.

When going to these stores you can find pieces for a great price & even make them your own. How?, by re-painting a console or dresser or re-upholstering a sofa or chair. You can make the furniture & decor to your style & liking, that’s the best part! Then, there will be times you walk into a shop & you will find the most amazing beautiful piece of furniture that is exactly the same color of your living room & you must have it! Its amazing what some stores have that is already newly lacquered or newly upholstered. You must keep in mind though sometimes those fabulous pieces that you must have does come with a heaver price tag. But!, you don’t have to do any work for it & it will look stunning in your home.

Vintage furniture is amazing because you know the quality of it is great. Some pieces have been around for 20-30 years and still look brand new. So, don’t be afraid to go vintage shopping. You will be surprised with what you find.

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