Being Creative With Decor

Have you read Island Hopping by Amanda Lindroth Design? It is such a great tool to use to help with designing your space just right!

Amanda Lindroth Design makes the littlest things pop out & when you step back you will be wowed!

Just like what she did with the wicker elephants. Usually these are used for on the floor in a room to add color or even in a garden.

Here they are being used in a kitchen on the counter top with some stunning blue & white wall paper. They added green palm frond really make them stand out.









It is so easy to add color to spaces that seem a little dull or that are lacking color. All that needs to be done is find something that is interesting to your style or taste & place it. Even the smallest piece with color will make a room seem brighter.

Also, if there is a room with too much going on or is busy with color. Simply add neutral pieces to calm it down.

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